Brian House Children's Hospice

With help from the funding that Brian House have received from Toyota  "The Saturday Gang Outreach Project" will enable life limited children and young people to enjoy Saturday days out . The funding will cover transport and lunch costs for four young people and their nursing staff, enabling the children to get involved with community projects - particularly environmental.  

Brian House want to increase understanding , change perceptions and break down barriers about children's hospice care via our community outreach project. The children may be life limited but Brian House want to ensure those lives however short are lived to the full and despite the challenges that they face, demonstrate that these young people can contribute positively to their local environment and wider community.

The children at Brian House have multiple complex needs but the hospice care sits outside the NHS. They rely on the support of the community to keep the doors open 24/7, offering day and night respite care. Many families describe Brian House as their life line, there is simply nowhere else such fragile children can be cared for.

Brian House does not charge anyone for its support and welcomes all families regardless of background who need specialist care.


Photographed (Left to right): Christine Mitchell (Health Care Assistant), Lisa Roberts (Host at Harry Feeney Toyota), Carol Wylde (Clinical Manager at Brian House), Harry Feeney (Chairman of Harry Feeney Toyota).