Harry Feeney Named "Number One" For Customer Service In Europe

Harry Feeney Toyota are one of three UK Toyota retailers to be honoured the best in Europe, receiving Ichiban Awards for excellence in customer service (Ichiban translates from Japanese as “number one”).

Senior executives from the three businesses collected their trophies from Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, at a ceremony in Evian, France, last week.

Dr van Zyl praised all the 45 retailers present for their outstanding achievement and stressed the importance of listening to the customer’s voice and creating a personalised experience with every customer who connects with Toyota.

He said: “The customer is at the centre of all our key business decisions. Everyone gathered here today has demonstrated throughout Europe that ensuring complete customer satisfaction is pivotal.”

Andrew Harrison, Managing Director at Harry Feeney, said: “I am immensely proud of every member of the Harry Feeney team, who collectively share this award. Exceptional customer service is our leading priority and we are committed to delivering a fantastic customer experience, ensuring every one of our clients feels we have gone the extra mile to cater for their needs. This award is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. They are passionate in what they do and truly live the core values of the Toyota brand.”

Guest of honour at the ceremony was the Toyota-supported Paralympian Tyrone Pillay, from South Africa.

More than 2,500 European retailers compete for the honour to be one of 45 Ichiban winners each year.

Image (left to right):
Dr Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO Toyota Motor Europe, Andrew Harrison, Managing Director, Harry Feeney Toyota, Matt Harrison, Executive Vice President Toyota Motor Europe, Paul Van der Burgh, Toyota GB President and Managing Director



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